This website is one of the main platforms I use to share my work with others. Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Blake Austin Sneed and I am a photographer from Phoenix, Arizona. The American Southwest is where I have spent a majority of my time exploring, and many of the pictures I take feature various places and landscapes throughout this region. These places are extremely important to me and my goal is to capture their essence and beauty.

I love the spirit of adventure. The open road just waiting to be explored. The fresh air. Mountain peaks. Desert canyons. Being completely surrounded by nature's magnificence. The mystery of the unknown. Adventure is always calling and the opportunities are endless.

Photography is hands-down my favorite way of keeping that adventurous spirit alive and thriving. I aim to use photography as a means to show the wonderful places and things I have encountered on my journeys, but also to inspire others to make the most of their own explorations in the world.